Engineering the future

PIBIVIESSE is committed to manufacture and continuously develop best in class on-off and control valves, to meet the increasingly stringent demands of the energy and process industries.

Process Research and development


Our focused engineering and R&D teams, with strong expertise in design, FEA, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), welding and manufacturing, work continuously on developing new solutions to fit customer needs.

Using the most up-to-date technology, we can support our Customers in any special requirements which they may have or in developing and upgrading day by day the PIBIVIESSE products. When R&D requires extra competences, PIBIVIESSE works in cooperation with external research centers and universities, such as the Politecnico Milano, to carry out special projects on materials, calculations and on valveā€™s behavior in critical conditions.

Some results of this cooperation have been the construction of:

  • A Flow loop for the characterization of control valves that allows Pibiviesse to make experimental measurements on valves
  • An Air Flow Lab to study the complex phenomenon of control valves with compressible fluids